laGuapa Outerwear is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain.


We seek to partner with suppliers who share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency.

We currently require that suppliers meet our standards for: social responsibility, safe & non-toxic, and better materials.


At laGuapa  we think about all the costs in creating fashion, not just the price tag. We track our environmental footprint by adding up the kilos of carbon dioxide emitted and the water we use, and pounds of waste we generate. Then we calculate how our products help reduce these impacts compared with most brands. We share this information on every product page of our website and tell you exactly what impact each garment has on the environment. This way we all get to see the total cost of fashion so you can make empowered choices, and we can keep creating better solutions when it comes to making clothes.


Sustainable fashion workshops and guest speaking opportunities are designed to educate, inspire and engage participants in understanding the fashion industry, the importance of shopping with a conscious and the power we have as consumers to make a difference.