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We believe in the beauty, imagination and craft that remain at the core of the fashion business.


laGuapa means “the beautiful one” in Spanish and has been inspired by the way European woman

dress. A free spirited woman in Paris, Milan, London or Barcelona looking for timeless jackets. A 60s coat, a 70s trenchcoat, an 80s leather jacket. laGuapa taste for vintage pieces sets the pace for the collections. And makes each piece a timeless, designed to accompany you for a long time, without worrying about trends.


Our mission is to strive to create a fashion label that is unique, trendy yet kind to the environment, support local manufacturers, educate customers on the negative effects of fast fashion and the importance of going slow. We turned the use of vintage and deadstock fabrics into a point of value and differentiation. ​

Our vision is to lead a fashion industry that doesn’t cost the earth, treat workers fairly remaining creative.


Our values


Sustainability at the core of the business

Radical Transparency with the supply chain and materials

Creativity: Creating unique pieces avoiding fad trends

Quality: Beautifully crafted products showcasing local design and promoting sustainable and ethical fashion

Socially responsible: Providing employment for local manufacturers and with fair wages

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